[A] Imperious

Hello everyone!

We are Imperious, a guild on Ravencrest Alliance that started in the beginning of Legion. We are now wanting to expand our roster a little more for our 9.1 progress. In the past tiers we allways achieved curve and got down some mythic bosses

We are currently in need of:

  • heal (monk/pally)
  • DPS (melee dps with tank off spec would be ideal)

Raid times:

Wednesdays and Mondays
From 20:00 - 23:00

Voice chat:
Discord is mandatory use during raid-times

What we can offer you:

Imperious can offer you a friendly and helpful raid and/or social environment. Active and social people that do everything from Mythic+ to Arena.

We are aiming to get a curve and kill some early mythic bosses, if people would be interested.

What we expect from you:
We expect you to be at least 430ilvl to join as a raider. We also want you to have good knowledge of your class, be fully gemmed and enchanted for raids and come fully prepared with buffs and pots to raids.

If you are interested in joining us. Please message one of our officers.

  • Sammy#2848
  • Daniel33#2162
  • Zoilz#2201

Thank you for taking your time to read this and we hope to see you in game!

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