[A] <Imperium> 10/10 HC 2/10 M

Hello, >Imperium< Is an old guild on Chamber of Aspects and we have been #1 Alliance a few times in our lifespan.
We are a casual raiding guild and raid Wednesdays, Sundays and Tuesdays from 19:00 ish till 22:00.
We are very laid back and friendly with a competent core of raiders who have played the game for a while together, some since vanilla.
We are currently seeking more people to bolster our ranks to effectively clear mythic.
We are mostly looking for the following classes/specs: Shadow priest, Disc priest, Resto shaman, Unholy Death knight, MM hunter.
We consider everyone who applies and like to give everyone a chance to prove themself.

Hope to hear from you. Take care everyone.

We’ve done 1 raid and cleared 5/10 in that raid. It put us at #1 alliance for everyone who raided that day.
We are still looking for people to fill out our roster for future mythic raiding!

After our second raid we got 3rd server 10/10N and 1st Alliance 10/10 N.

Still recruiting! socials are welcome, he will have events and stuff

The best progressing guild in the Alliance with cool people and friendly guild master. If the glory is what you’re looking for, you probably want to join this guild :smiley:

We thank Agraviel for the kind words!

we are still recruiting and plan to kick off social events in the near future. Mostly seeking quality dps. We consider everyone and as always, socials are welcome.

We have started doing community events, we did achievement run in Castle raid and those who stayed the whole raid got the achievement. Next week we have a Champion event planned which is PvP focused - Come join us in a grand time!

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