(a) <inari> 2 day 6/10hc

We’re a group of friends from the UK (mainly the north around Manchester) that have come back together during Shadowlands to progress Normal and Heroic raid content.

Our roster is only small, (about 12 of us) so we’re looking to add a couple more faces so that we’ve always got a healthy amount of players for our raid nights.

we’re spread across different servers, so all raid organising is done through discord, so it does’t matter what server you are on

Raid nights are Wednesday and Sunday : 9pm - 1am (Server Time) which is 8pm - Midnight (UK Time)

We’re currently 10/10N and 6/10H

We’re a friendly bunch and just want to complete content at a steady pace

If you think this might interest you, feel free to message me on

Discord: Dave#0453
BattleNet: Blue#2165

Or reply here :slight_smile: , and we can talk some more