(A) <Incursion EU> [9/10 (HC) 10/10 (N)] is Recruiting

Recruiting to reinforce our roster as it not easy to recruit on CoA.

We are a casual family friendly Guild keen on having fun and above all else understanding the balance between work and play so it can fit in with your life.

We are not a elitist Min/Max Guild but expect that you are able to know your class and have viable off specs since our Guild is small, therefore we are dependant on your reliability and loyalty. Basically we expect a commitment to the Guild and its members as the Guild is not a place to park your Alt.

In general treat others how you expect to be treated as we don’t do drama nor have any tolerance for it.

Current raid days are Thursdays and Sundays from 1915 to 2130 Server Time (that’s European time). Members often run their respective M+ Keys and the plan is to begin RGB’s once we have 10/10 HC on Monday night and we have a Alt run on Saturday’s (optional).

If you don’t have a raid spot, your current Guild raids at a different time than what fits you… then give one of us a shout:

Give us a shout if your looking for a Guild or simply needing a new group of nice people to play with.

We currently need DPS with viable Off-specs, but of course if your simply looking for a new home let us know as we always welcome active casuals.

Our Guild is based on what the people in it make it……

MAR 2021
Still looking for 3-4 stable DPS - Warlock, Hunter, Mage (prio), but all classes are welcome)
Please feel free to contact anyone in the Guild.
Progress remains at 9/10 as we have begun gearing the new recruits.


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