[A] <Indecisive> | Recruiting Mythic Raiders for Ny’alotha

Website: indecisive.eu

Founded Oct 2007,

Indecisive is a Mythic focused Alliance raiding guild – with a big emphasis on a social atmosphere whilst maintaining competitive progress.

Current Recruitment:

We are always looking for good Mythic Raiders, please contact any officer in game to see if we can fit you into our team.

Social players are always very welcome.

Raid Schedule : Thursday / Monday / Tuesday - 20:30 (first pull) to 23:30 (server time)

Now into our twelfth year, our numbers are made up of extremely experienced players, mainly aged between 25 - 40 years old, from all around Europe. The raid team is a tight-knit group, with many who have raided since Vanilla and TBC, we welcome both new players and WoW veterans.

Raiding in the Mythic bracket is the core activity of the guild. Veteran or ex-hardcore raiders who have taken a step back from punishing raiding schedules often find a happy home with us in a relaxed but progressive raiding environment. Our raiding hours allow players with real-life commitments to take part in end content raiding without it becoming a burden or a chore. Newer players to WoW will find an environment where they are encouraged to make the best of their character and gameplay by players who know their classes inside out.

You will never be asked to raid an extra day or extended hours and non-raid day activities are purely optional.

Our Discord server is VERY active both during and between raids. Whilst raiding is our primary focus you can log on ‘out of hours’ and always find guild members online. We have a healthy number of players who wile away their evenings PvPing, playing alts, or just catching up with each other whilst playing other games.

A lot of our guild members have met in real life or have known each other for years, this has led to the feeling of a real gaming community where the large social contingent is an important part of our guild life.

What We Offer:

  • Stability as a guild and in terms of leadership.
  • Fun and social atmosphere inside and outside of WoW.
  • A relaxed but progressive raiding environment.
  • Fair and open leadership where opinions are valued.
  • A diverse community with people from all over Europe.

What We Expect:

  • Players committed to achieving the best attendance possible. (At least 80%, we run a small roster to minimize rotation and need to be able to rely on you.)
  • Focused attitude to raiding and character development.
  • An understanding of raid mechanics and an ability to learn from mistakes.
  • Positive friendly attitude and being a good team player. (We don’t accept toxic players.)
  • Working Microphone, discord and a good understanding of English.
  • Stable connection and computer.

Contact Us:

If you want to be part of a team who knows how to laugh, has a stress free raiding environment but can put on their serious faces and get the job done Indecisive is the place for you.

You can either contact us in game, on our website or via discord. Any recruitment queries should be whispered or PM’d to any of our officers or if you have already heard enough and want to apply this can be done via our website.

Discord: discord.gg/W3G5EQ8
Officers: Anayra (Krathe#2321), Fweo (Ferlathin#2352), Navi (Navi#2155), Stubbsy.

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