[A] <Inheritance> PvE/PvP

Having cleared MC/Ony consistently for 11 weeks, we seek strong additions to our highly performant task force.

Our current goal is not to be #1 or #2 in terms of speedruns or progress, but rather to establish a strong and steady roster for BWL, AQ40 and Naxx. That said, we do aim for fast and efficient runs with mid-level min/maxing. We expect our members to pull their weight and actively do their best in terms of acquiring consumables, buffs, enchants and the likes.
This state of mind has always made the entire raiding experience more fun as well.

Raid times: 20:00-24:00 CET thursday/monday, we use DKP

What we expect from you: -
Network connection stable enough to facilitate raids. -
Fluent in English. -
You take raiding seriously. Get in, execute the thing, and get out. -
You pay attention to mistakes, especially yours, and learn upon them. -
You’re mature enough to accept criticism, especially constructive. - 90%+ raid attendance.
If you have other things to do during a raid, that’s fine, but do notify the guild in a timely manner. -
Expertise with your class and high familiarity with current content. If not, ask and we will teach you.

For the current PvP enviroment we are also looking for members for our premade PvP group(s), as we have several members with R13/14 aspirations.

If Inheritance has any interest contact Vindizle or Hense in-game

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