[A] Innocent Bystanders Is Recruiting Healer

Innocent Bystanders (Whatever happened - we didn't do it)
A social Mature Raiding guild, Looking to fill some of our Raiding spots for current content.
Would suit the more mature raider possibly with family/work/other commitments.

Raid recruitment :
Healer - Monk / Shaman / Druid

We Raid 3 nights a week, Monday, Thursday and Sunday, 20:45 - 23:00 Server time.

What do we expect of you as one of our raiders?
Be on time
know mechanics
Be polite to your fellow guildies
and most of all to have a good time.

But what can we offer you as a guild?
Pots/Flasks/Repaires/Food is provided each raid.
A casaul yet determined raid team willing to progress.

The Guild Has Been Around since early WOD, and has so far most Ahead of the curve cleared under their belt.

We got discord, ya dont need to talk but listening is a must.

Socials are Welcome too ofcourse

For More information, Contact me ingame or through the forum
*bump* with updated content
We're Recruiting again :3
Hey wondering if a pala healer could be of any interest? :)
sent ya an ingame mail
You won't find many guilds more welcoming and friendly, yet capable of making some decent progression in raids!
Kil'jaeden down :3 9/9 :D
Hi guys n gals, im a 925 ele/resto shaman looking for a guild i can do antorus and more with. happy to help with supplies and rations =D
Hi Shamlala ^^
I wont be online until tomorrow, but i'll send you a pm when i get around :D
unless one of the officers get a hold of ya first ^^
Normal cleared :3
Heroic next
Greetings friends,

I would like to join your guild as a social member, if possible.
I am not sure I will be able to join your raid team this expansion, but when the next one hits, my plan is to have all 12 classes ready to go :)

I have no experience with progression raiding, but Id like to gain some. I am able to tank/heal/dps - roles dont matter to me.

Hope you dont mind I contacted you via forums, as Im currently working and dont have access to ingame mail.

Have a nice day! :)
Hi Uriel :)

I'll be ingame in not so very long,
so ill see if I can get a hold of ya and we can have a lill chat ^^
Coven Down 9/11 :D
Aggramar Down 10/11
Information updated, Now Recruiting players for mythic
Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker Down!
Bump updated recruitment post, looking for a healer.

We're currently looking for a healer, preferently Priest, Shaman Or Monk :3
contact for any info

@Shilo hi there i was in your guild in legion as Frost DK, i would love to play the game again, but im wondering is it possible to get a payout from guild for a subscription token? Atleast for a while till i find a job XD! I have a shaman too 110 used to be elemental but i pref healing, was dps becouse the guild had enough healers at the time. Let me know!

We’re Currently Looking for A stable healer to join our Raid Team, (no paladins)