A inquiry about the due process of reporting


I´m posting here in hopes to obtain information on the procedure following the receiving reports using the in-game reporting system, from using the in-game ticket function, and from the website support ticket function.

Specifically, I want to know how often should a person be reported, at what interval, what information is unusable or unnecessary, what in-game reports gathers, if reporting one infraction is enough or if multiple reports for multiple infractions should be done, if any one reporting method is preferred or simply better than another, if there is a requirement on how many times a person is reported, and if so, then what is it, how strict or liberal the final judgements are, what influences those judgements, if its at the arbiters judgement or by a check list, if there isn´t enough reports has any effect on the final judgement, if the arbriter is provided with too much information…

I know that GM´s work on a reactive basis based on player reports, and not a proactive one, as the latter is far too daunting and indiscriminating. But I would like to know how little is too little, and how much is too much?

Thank you for reading, and for all information that you can provide.

Blizzard have said every single report is looked into, but they don’t give any timescale for it. There needs to be one report for each infraction.

I have no idea about the severity but I believe it’s based on the number of times they have been punished for the infraction, unless it’s swearing then Blizzard do absolutely nothing about it.

That last part is my opinion not fact as I’ve asked many people I have reported many times about if they were punished for swearing and they all said “no”, two weeks later. I only report the most severe now as using the F and C words seems to be allowed ingame if Blizzard don’t punish people for it. So much for a child friendly game.

I highly doubt they take any actions vs reports even if they read them.
Nowadays customer support is not actually supporting issues, therefore i have 0 trust on them dealing with exploiters botters or whatever you may report.

The last banwave against these wasn’t even 6 weeks ago… This is the usual Blizzard way.

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After how many weeks/months of exploiting and affecting the game in each and every aspect of it?

Also that banwave was for classic or im mistaken?

They’re never going to tell you any of that sort of thing. The best way to report is right-click ingame as that puts the infraction in the exact time & place and makes it easier to find in logs. Give as much information there as necessary. Don’t make tickets. If it’s impossible to report by right-click, email hacks@blizzard.com but the right-click report is the best & quickest way.

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That is what I´ve been doing when I see infraction. However, would reporting the person daily help? Or just stick to report once-and-forget? If reporting them only logs them, is there someone going over the logs? Should I be more aggressive on making the logs?

Also, what information is valid? What can they use and can´t sure?

I know the procedure is “Report the person”, but a week later, that same person is still around, still infracting, which hints at that single report not being enough. Or the reporting option selected being wrong?

It would make it easier if there were more information on what would help the GM´s as much as possible.

If it’s someone you suspect is botting, they don’t act immediately (as said further up the thread). They look into the people reported as using bots and try to break the bot then ban the people. If this is the case, maybe report once weekly just to let them know they’re still there for when the banwave hits.
If it’s something else, I guess I would still report weekly. This isn’t info from Blizzard, this is just what I would do. For example there was someone with a very dodgy name on my realm a couple of years ago which I right clicked/reported. I continued to report every week and finally he disappeared about 4 or 5 weeks later.
They must get a colossal number of reports and, at the moment with depleted staff through illness, it will take longer to sift through them.
The best thing to do is to put exactly what they’re doing and what rules they’re breaking in the report which will save a bit of time; don’t just tick a box.
As I said before, Blizzard are never going to say exactly how they deal with these things.