[A] Inquisitor, 1 day HC raiding guild

One day scandinavian heroic raiding guild of friendly veteran raiders.

Inquisitor has been around since 4th of August 2005, the beginning of World of Warcraft, and has at several times been at the top rankings on Ravencrest. We are based on several veteran players, who have been around since the game first started, but simply do not have the time to raid as actively, as we did in our prime due to family and work.

That being said, we still raid, but in less quantity. Our raids are fun, but focused when needed. If you’re recognize yourself in our short story, feel free to contact us.

Current Goal
Inquisitor will continue to focus on Heroic raid content and Mythic+ 5 man content like during Battle for Azeroth.

Raid Times (server time)
Thursday: 19:00-22:00 . Invites start around 18:50.

We base our on recruitment on friends as well as attitude and performance, and are currently looking to expand and improve our roster.

What we are looking for in you as a player

  • You love raiding and enjoy to progress (both the wipes and the farm).
  • You’re vocal and are not afraid to talk and announce in Voice Communication (Discord).
  • You have raid experience from previous content, and know the importance of handling mechanics properly.
  • Understanding of the English language.
  • Stable internet connection.

How to join
Contact Gediablo in-game if you are interested in joining our guild as a raider.

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