[A] <Interlopers> relaxed 20man raiding with a twist

Hello all!

We have just formed a new guild with the goal of raiding current(ZG) and future(AQ) 20man content in a relaxed setting during weekdays. 1 planned raid per week, second will be organized if there is demand.

Were planning on doing a few things differently to most guilds:

  1. Only non 40man gear is allowed on raids
  2. No premade tactics, we will find our own solutions to defeat the bosses

We are looking for players of all skill levels and specs, ideally we want people who have raided as little as possible but are eager to try. This is your chance to experience these raids as they were meant to!

Being a fresh guild theres still plenty of open roles/classes, so eveyone will be considered, even if your not looking to raid. Iam online most days atleast a little while between 4pm-11pm server time. If you cant catch me online send me a mail that says when your gonna be online and ill try to be there.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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