[A] <Invictus> 8/10 Mythic Castle - LFM - Recently Realm #1

About Invictus
The guild was created by a group of friends to have some fun during Shadowlands. We have a relaxed atmosphere, and until recently just raiding one evening per week. Since the initial launch of the guild, we’ve expanded our roster with other likeminded individuals.

Our Goals

  • To find other likeminded individuals to push progression in Mythic Castle
  • To continue to build upon our guild & discord community
  • To get the cutting edge achievement this tier, or set ourselves up for the next

We are seeking the following classes for raiding


  • Brewmaster Monk


  • Applications open, but offspec is required


  • Balance druid
  • Shadow priest
  • Fire/frost mage
  • MM/BM hunter
  • Havoc demon hunter
  • Unholy/frost death knight

We are also accepting other classes, and are always looking to expand our roster, but a spot in our raid cannot be guaranteed.

Raiding Information

We currently raid on Friday and Tuesday, at the following times:

  • Friday - 20:00CET (18:30GMT)
  • Tuesday - 20:00CET (19:00GMT)

How do I apply?
Feel free to message the following individuals in priority order:

  • Furbeard (Alt Furblade / RealID ptER #2401)
  • Teravor (Alt Gorin)
  • Cliftshifter

Trials typically last up to two weeks, and if you’re considering transferring to the realm we’re open to you choosing to trial with us for longer until you feel comfortable.

We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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