(A) Invictus Veritas Recruiting

Hi All,

We are a guild created by players for players, we all came together to raid and do mythic + when lots of guilds went very quiet since classic launched.

We are preparing for 8.3 raids and mythic + keys and are in need of some dps (with tank or healer off spec would be great), tanks and healers are welcome for back up raid tanks and M+ group tanks.

We will help you gear if needed but the main thing is a willing to learn, we are looking to progress well this patch in many ways (raid, m+, arena).

We have a great group of people from all over the place (england, ireland, Switzerland and our Scot GM), we all talk on discord from early morning to late at night and have a great laugh.

WARNING Bad language is used and good banter is a must haha.

/w any of the members online or give me or Thordik an in-game mail or /w

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