[A] <Invidious> fresh guild looking for m+/raiders/socials/pvpers

Hello there!

We are a newly formed guild on Ravencrest - Alliance with the intentions of creating a chill community to Raid Normal and Heroic, do M+, PvP/RBGs and other events in game. There is absolutely no requirements to join with the exception of being a non-toxic and friendly gamer. All individuals/classes with or without experience are welcome! Doesn’t matter if you are doing +20s and multi glad or just getting into keys/pvp, there will be a place for you!

We are planning to keep the guild small where everyone knows each other and have fun together rather than a massive guild where noone knows anyone. Currently recruiting to form a small raid team to progress and have fun throughout the patches and expansions. Raid times will be Wednesday and Sunday 19:30 - 22:00 ST when we have enough people to start. We will start with normal and move to Heroic after that. So If you are looking for a chill place to do keys and pvp, holla at us either in game or discord!
All classes and specs, and levels are welcome to join.

In game

  • Valthelia
  • Jäyy


  • Val#2387
  • Jäy#0040
  • Timotheus#0897

Bump, were still recruiting all roles for our social heroic raid team, and general members for pvp and pve.

Hi. I’m a 400 ilvl tank looking for a guild to raid Normal and Heroic VOTI

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