[A] Isle Expedition Boost!. [GOLD]

Hi!, if you’re looking at this Thread then does it mean that you’re

A: Looking for Info about how the boost goes!
B: The Price of each Isle Run!.

Price: 2,5k Gold a Run

Normal Runs, 110 - 120 Boost.
How does this Work?.
First run is Always Free, so you can see if its Worth the Gold!.

Gold will be traded to me before the Run.
Doing this to Avoid Scamming.

You will have follow on me at all times, and then you can go AFK.

If you die while im fighting Rare Mobs, DO NOT RESS
as i will be picking up the Azerite
Orb which revives you to the very Location you died at.

I’d say that 2,5k is Cheap for a Run.
As i’ve seen peoples doing runs for about 4,5k - 6k Gold each!.

I accept the Gold on the Following servers!

1. Emerald Dream
2. Silvermoon
3. Argent Dawn
4. Ravencrest

For now am i only available to boost Alliance!.
But will also be able to boost on Horde Later on!

Contact me at
If you have any Questions!.

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