(A) <Kill It With Fire> Friendly 2 Day HC guild LF Dps

(Maxxfury) #1
Hello! Kill It With Fire is a 2 day raiding guild on Quel'Thalas whose main goal is to achive Curve every tier and raid in a mature and enjoyable setting. Since we started raiding around halfway through Uldir we have established a great team of players who all contribute to a fun raiding experience. Our players have widely differing levels of experience in WoW but we all share the common goal of wanting to kill bosses in a fun and progressive setting. In addition to our raids we like to run M+ whenever we can :slight_smile

Our raid times are Weds and Sun from 8pm-11pm server time. We like people to be fairly reliable when it comes to raiding, but having said that we do not place strict attendance requirements on our players and do understand that real life > WoW. We do expect those who join us to come to raids prepared and on time, and ofc understand their own class and role within the team. We use Discord for our raids.

For the latest recruitment requirements please see the latest post on this thread.

For enquiries about joining our guild please add Max on Bnet Dodger#2127 or Discord Maxi#0222. Alternatively you can /w Maxshocks in game. You can also leave a reply here but it will probably take a bit longer to receive a reply that way.



(Maxshocks) #2
8/8N and 4/8HC now so good progress in our early days of raiding :)

Still looking for one MS Tank and a mixture of dps classes.

Tank: Any class

Healer: Full

Ranged Dps: Mage, Hunter especially but also Ele Shaman, Boomie or Warlock.

Melee Dps: Warrior, Rogue, Monk, Death Knight.

Reply here, apply online at https://killitwithfire.enjin.com, or add me on Dodger#2127 for a chat. Many thanks,


(Maxxfury) #3

8/8 HC and still for Dps going into Daza’alor.

Tank: Full.

Melee: Warrior, Monk, DK, DH, Rogue

Ranged: Warlock, Hunter, Boomkin and possibly Mage

We could also consider another healer, with a decent dps os, for when the team grows a little more,

Add Dodger#2127 for a chat about joining, or alternatively Maxi#0222. Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Maxshocks) #4

Into Daza’Alor now, sitting at 7/9N, and looking forward to clearing and starting HC progress. Healers and tanks are sorted but we could use a couple of extra dps, particualrly melee bur possibly ranged as well.

Melee: Death Knight, Monk, Rogue, Feral, others considered.

Ranged: Warlock, Ele Shaman, Boomkin, Shadow Priest.

We are a mature and relaxed guild who like to enjoy our raids without negative drama. If you’d like to know more about us, or are interested in joining, please add me on Bnet Dodger#2127 or Discord Maxi#0222 for a chat. Thx,



Looking for 2-3 more dps to complete our raid team.
All applications considered but of particular interest would be Warlock, Death Knight, Feral Druid and Rogue.
A dps with a strong tank OS also very welcome.


Normal now cleared and 1/9HC.

Looking for more Dps especially Warlock, DK, and Druid, but most classes considered.

Currently full on tanks and healers.

Oh don’t forget to stick my Btag Dodger#2127 and Discord Maxi#0222 on there! Thx

(Maxshocks) #7

Jadefire Masters kill takes us to 2/9HC. Grong and Opulence waiting for us on Sunday. We are still looking for more dps (particularly melee) and another main spec healer who can switch to dps should that be needed occasionally.

Melee: All classes considered.

Ranged: Warlock, Boomkin, Ele Shaman, Hunter.

Healer: Resto Shaman, Resto Druid, Priest preferred.

Please contact me on Bnet Dodger#2127 or Discord Maxi#0222 for a chat if interested. Cheers :slight_smile: