[A] [Kilrogg - EU] The Second Coming is Recruiting! 7/10 HC sanctum

The Second Coming is now recruiting!

We are a Semi-Casual guild, with a strong interest in Heroic/Mythic raiding and M+. We are chill people who want to have fun and also get things done. Our current Raid progress 7/10 HC Sanctum.
We are looking for a few more Dps players to boost our raid rooster, for our Heroic raiding team (Mythic soon to come, we aim to move to mythic raiding as soon as we can), though any application will be considered.

We also have several high level M+ players in the guild that would be able to help and do keys too.

If you want to have a social experience, We welcome members of any kind and skill level, we organize alt/social raids, not so serious RBGs and we can help you grow as a player!

To apply or for any questions, please DM us on Discord!
DrPhantom8#3469 or Litzi#2858

now 9/10 HC. still looking for a few dps to finish off our mythic team!

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