[A] <Kinsfolk> A Community Guild Forged in WoW Classic

Hi there!

We’re , a community guild formed in March 2020 during the early phases of WoW Classic, on the Zandalar Tribe realm! After having some amazing adventures in Classic, some of us would like to experience Shadowlands and what the modern game has to offer!

Some of our members have never played the modern game before, so we’re very happy to have players with any experience level join us for some fun ^^

We feel that our Classic background gives our community a unique atmosphere consisting of a lot of cooperation, teamwork, patience, and an innate desire to make things harder for ourselves for the fun of it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Our current aspiration is to get regular mythic dungeons going, with a goal to have a raiding roster soon after that! We encourage our members to play what they like and what they actually WANT to play. But with that said, we can sure use a few more healers, and maybe one more tank :slight_smile: We have 7 Paladins in the guild xD Which isn’t a bad thing per-se, but if you’re a paladin who wants to join, then we might as well become a paladin guild ! ^^

As for our raiding culture, we all have jobs and live busy lives, so we are DEFINITELY not a hardcore guild. But that does not mean we don’t like getting things done! :smiley:

If you’re looking for a mature, friendly, helpful, and fun community atmosphere, then we’re a good fit for you! ^^

If you’re looking for an active community on both versions of the game, we’re a great fit for you!

If you’re a Classic player who wants to see some of Shadowlands’ content, we’re also a perfect fit for you!

If you have any questions, feel free to whisper anyone online in Kinsfolk, or to look us up on the in-game guild finder! You can also comment below if you’re interested!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will all have a blast in Shadowlands!

Greetings and Gratitude,

The Kinsfolk Team


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