[A] <KIWF> Friendly 2 Day HC guild looking for more raiders

Hi all.

Kill It With Fire was formed at the start of BFA for busy people who want a friendly atmosphere to raid and do M+ in. We are a small guild who raid twice a week in order to achieve AOTC with every raid tier. We have no ambition to raid mythic difficulty, although we still like to clear our content in a timely and somewhat professional manner. We also do regular M+ to help folks get their weekly done.

We raid 2 days a week on Thursday and Sunday. Our times are 8pm until 11pm server time. As a casual guild we do not require 100% attendance but we do like our players to attend regularly. It’s possible that the guild can provide some things for you such as enchants or food on occasion, but we ask our players to be self sufficient in this generally for both raids and M+ runs. You should also use pots and flasks as standard, but especially for progress bosses.

We use Discord for raids and we like to have everyone on there to be able to hear instructions. It’s also our main form of comms outside the game as we no longer need a website.

We are currently looking only for people to fill dps and healing roles. One extra healer is required for sure with maybe a fourth needed later on. Would prefer Shaman, Monk, or Paladin for heals but Druid and Priest also considered.
For dps we are looking mainly for a Boomkin, Monk, Death Knight, Feral, Enhance Shaman, Mage, Pally and Hunter. Other classes can be considered as well.

Please add Max on Battlenet Dodger#2127 or on Discord Maxi#0222 for a chat about joining the guild. Alternatively /w Maxshocks or Lunarmax in game on the Quel’thalas/Azjol Nerub connected realm. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


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