[A] LF Casual & Social Guild on Silvermoon EU

Hi! I am a fairly new player looking for a casual, social and newbie-friendly guild where I could meet some new people :grin:. I’ve played a bit on a boosted character when BfA came out but decided to start from 0 to get to know the lore. I’m a 23-year-old from the Netherlands, near fluent in English and planning on being an active player.

If you have a place for me, please let me know!
Thank you :cherry_blossom:

Hey there I run a small Alliance guild on Silvermoon. We love to help new players and make some new friends alomg the way!
Here is our guild post and let me know if your interested!

Hey, sounds good to me! I’ve added you on BNet!

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Hello there!

Are you still looking for a place to stay and slay? Quantum MK II is recruiting active players to add to the raid-team and other daily shenanigans. Please check the guild recruitment post right here, to see if you’d be interested.

My own contact info is updated in the comments section, give me a shout and we’ll chat.

  • Cronos (EvilDonutMan/TexMexCowBoy)