[A] <Silvermoon> Red Panda invites YOU to join us!

Our name: Red Panda
Realm? Silvermoon
Faction? Alliance

A little bit about us: We are a newly formed guild on Silvermoon and we’re looking for players to possibly start a raid team! Well yes we are new which doesn’t mean we have a lot of progress under our belts but we’re trying our best to get raids started once we have enough people all levelled and geared up.

What if I’m not levelled high enough? Don’t worry about that! Because we’re starting to do dungeons every two weeks to help people get that extra level up or two and some decent gear along the way, also making some friends too!

What kind of guild are you? Well we’re a social/casual guild, we welcome any sort of player from new to returning. Some of our guildies have said that we’re like a little family and that they feel fully comfortable chatting in our discord server (Yes we have that!) We don’t take things too seriously, we like to have a laugh and joke around, especially in voice chat.

How many people are usually active? Nearly everyone that we have, like I’ve stated before we are a small guild so we don’t have that many people.

If you have anymore questions, or just like to chat then please message me on BNet at ackersass#2322

We look forward to welcoming you into our little family, if our guild doesn’t interest you then good luck with your search!