[A] LF guild :)


Hey guys. I’m an alliance player on Anachronos looking for a raiding guild, both now and for future expansion. I play both as assi. rogue, frost death knight and F Druid.


Hello :wave:

Not sure if a realm transfer is an option, but we’re currently recruiting for The Forgotten Few (on Arathor/Hellfire.

Not sure what you’re looking for but there’s a recruitment thread with all our details here:

There’s also a link to our recruitment discord in that thread (think website replacement) with a load of information, feel free to have a poke around if interested/curious :grinning:

Good luck with your guild search


Hi there! You didn’t mentioned whether you were open to server changing, but anyway: I am one of the officers for Wrath of Wisdom on Shadowsong (Alliance side). We’re a semi-casual guild that has gotten curve and about a quarter to a third of the kills on mythic on every tier since legion. We also regularly clear 10+ and even 15+ keys. Feel free to look us up on wowprogress or raiderio.
We have a strong sense of community, and theres usually people online doing stuff at almost any time of the day. If this sounds interesting, feel free to add me on bnet at arythm1a#2722. Hope to hear from you!

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Please add me for a chat :wink: