[A] LF Late(er) Night Raiding Guild

(Terror) #1
I'm looking to get into raiding for bfa but finding it really difficult to find a guild who's raid times fit in with my work schedule. I usually can't commit to a solid few hours of gameplay until about 9pm realm time at the earliest. I may be able to start slightly earlier on Monday's and Tuesday's at around 8pm realm time but from what I can tell not many guilds run these days probably due to the weekly reset.

Currently maining rogue however do intend to lvl an alt probably a healer. Gear score 344 as of this posting - unfortunately my holiday has coincided with the bfa raid / M+ release and so I feel a little bit behind at the moment.

I'm sensible and have raided in previous expansions (albeit years ago) so have some experience - I am willing and able to learn tactics etc. And really hoping to find a guild that I can fit in to.

Terror - Aggramar

If you feel I could fit into your guild then happy to speak more in depth in game or over teamspeak etc.

(Beargrillz) #2
Hey, did you end up finding a guild that raids from 2100 st? I'm pretty much in the same boat.

(Saiho) #3
Hiya Terror!

The Phoenix Reborn is currently recruiting and our raids start at 9pm realm time on Thursdays and a little earlier at 8:30 on Sundays. You are very welcome to come along a little later though if you can't make it dead on time!

Beargrillz I've also commented on your post too so if either of you are interested in having a chat please get in touch :D

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