[A] LF raiding guild for 3 experienced players


Me and my 2 pals are transferring here very soon from Stonespine. We are experienced players in WoW, I used to raid in vanilla as warlock untill AQ40 (twin emperor), the others started in TBC.

I am playing a warlock (nostalgia xD)
My 1st pal is playing holy priest (it’s a gurl!)
My 2nd pal is playing mage

We are all BiS/Pre BiS geared atm, been raiding MC and Ony since we’ve hit 60. However our server is almost dead now and it’s really hard to gather full raiding party for many guilds therefor we’ve decided to transfer to one of the best balanced and populated servers which is Ashbringer! :slight_smile:

We are looking for a raiding guild that can down MC in less than 3 hours and willing to “tryhard” BWL once it’s released. If you are nice community that would be even better since we are kinda jokers and Discord lovers (lol). We have 100% raid attendance and we are always coming prepared. In our current guild me and mage friend are usually in top 5 of DPS (depending on boss) , and priest is usually top 3 in healing and dispelling done.

We will transfer as soon as we’ll find new home! <3

He, you all three are welcome in our guild Overkill if you don’t have a good raid guild yet.
Whisper Hironex, Redwyne or Hokkabaz.

See you!

Hey Moo

Send me a message on discord please Shalbriri#6012

Look forward to speaking with you

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