[A] LIGHT OF EÄRENDIL - 2 Days 5/8 Mythic - Server #1

We are Light of Eärendil. An alliance guild originally from Azsune before the server merge. We were founded back in Vanilla and have over the years had shifted leadership, but have ended up here, as the realms number 1 Raiding guild, which we pride usself of.

We main raid 20:00 to 23:00 monday and wednesday. While doing an optional normal or hc on thursdays. We also later use this day, to do payed heroic boosts for players of our server.
We try to enjoy us self and have fun while keeping up progression.
We are currently 5/8 Mythic. (Progress on Court)
We are looking for good dps of any kind, but willing to talk with healers or tank applications too.

One of the most important things to us is not always that you are the greatest player in the world, but rather that you are ready to put in the work, both in raids and outside of raids, and that you are dedicated and want to progress and have fun while doing it.
As minimum work, we expect you to do:

One off:

  • Farm gear outside of raids, when new patches come out.
  • Farm ap before new raids are out.


  • a weekly mythic plus 10.
  • Weekly island (We usualy set ap level requirement, they are usualy fairly easy to reach).

As said, we are a long standing guild, which was formed in 2005 and later merged with another guild in late WOD. We have since then slowly progressed more and more every raid, and back in Antorus, got our first cutting edge(11/11M) before prepatch.
We can offer a nice place to be in outside of raids, a lot of us enjoy doing content together and run keys. We even had a period where half the guild would go play overwatch together and have a laugh.
We also aim to have a guild meet from time to time, with our first back in summer, and our next one in wales this summer.

If you are one of the more dedicated and try hard people, we aim to always get curve week 1 of new raids. Meaning, when a new raid come out, we have this optional morning raid wednesday, where we clear all of normal and then as much of heroic as we can. Usually it means that we get heroic cleared pretty fast. But if you can’t participate in this, then dont worry, we will still be doing the mandatory guild raids, which should be able to clear the raid too.

Ontop of this, we have been experimenting with the same, for mythic. We really just love raiding and trying out different things :slight_smile:

If you are interested you can throw us an application on https: //www .loe-guild.net/recruitment
or you can contact me on discord(Flintar#6930), and we can then have a chat. Dont be afraid to ask if there is anything you want to know.

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