[A] [Lightbringer EU] Tempestarii - Old Guild full of Old Players, LF more Old Players for New HC Raids

Old guild full of old people, looking for more old people for new raids. Healers as always are sought after as is ranged DPS. Need to be at least 18 years old, although 30+ are normally a better fit.

You will find a mature, relaxed atmosphere, along with a guild that understands life commitments. Everything can, Nothing must. We play for fun but raid as well.

The core of the raid group have been raiding together for 10+ years. We do not dictate what classes have to be brought, people play the character they enjoy playing and as always we find away to kill the bosses and clear the raids. However with 9.2 potentially happening soon(ish), we need to bolster our healers with at least 1 addition.

If any of this sounds good to you then contact Duffadin in game on Lightbringer or reply here or any member of Tempestarii will be able to help.

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Which days are you raiding?

Thanks in advance for the info!