[A] Looking for an active guild

Hello everyone!

God knows if anyone is going to read this, the realm forum is even more dead than the realm itself. :slight_smile:

So in short, im looking for an active guild to play with, I can commit to raiding, M+'s and even some PvP at times.
Important for me is also the social aspect of the guild people to talk to. For the past few years i’ve sit in guilds with 700 members and 3-4 online and that’s not really satisfying :upside_down_face:

So who am I? in short im an oldie, on Stormrage since 2005, too stubborn to transfer away, Feral druid since this game was released.
I did my share of raiding both heroic and mythic and wouldn’t mind doing it again.
You can look me up on warcraft logs and rio although im mostly pugging (yikes!)

You can contact me via tag AnTi#2738 or simply whisper me in game im mostly on my druid Deed.


I’m also looking for an active guild. Preferably one that isnt full of strangers from spamming invites.

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