[A] Looking for Guild – Dwarf Priest (Discipline\Would Change Spec)

I am looking for a guild to join, I am on and have been since vanilla based on Bladefist.

My main is a Discipline priest but would re-roll to Holy or Shadow no problem at all if needed.

Never raided in Vanilla as hit 58 the day the BC was released and the portal opened and raided a bit in BC, WOTLK, MOP, Legion and BFA but nothing serious.

Also have a level 120 Paladin (Prot) and Shaman (Enhancement) that I don’t mind using to help out any if needed.

Would like a relaxed guild where I can join in with Raids, Achievements, PVP and anything else they get up to.

What I don’t want is a strict must there said amounts of nights and said time and the likes.

Looking to play a lot more than I have been in the build up to Shadowlands being released.

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