[A]Looking for Guild (Al Akir / Skullcrusher / Xavius )


Fire Mage ilvl 431 looking for guild to do raids (Heroic / Mythic) and other activities, (M+ , PvP etc) but mainly i need a guild to do hardcore Mythic raids and be willing to share a little help regarding better depth in mechanics / builds etc.
Avaible times:

  • Allways saturday evening
  • Sundays
  • During week but need to plan it ( Will announce if possible)
    Happily waiting for a response, your possible future guildie,
    Mean :slight_smile:
    P.S: Im not a meanie…
    Actual guild is temporary!


Hey Mean,

Hope you’re well, have you found a guild yet, if not it would be great to have a chat and see if Âscendance maybe an option for you.

Feel free to add me on Stormcaller#2781



Sent you a request, but im on Alliance.

(Yowshi) #4

Hey Mean

If you’d consider a server transfer, please add me for a chat - tricky#2757

14 year old guild on Emerald Dream- 3/8M.

Look forward to hearing from you.