[A] Looking for guild

Hello, as the title says I’m looking for a guild after returning for 9.1

What I’m looking for -
An active community
Continuous Raids of any level - aslong as the goal is to progress i.e not stop after clearing Normal and calling it a day (N, HC, and I would love to try Mythic later although I’m not close to being ready yet)
Guidance in how to be a better player

What I can offer your guild -
I’m a very active player - upto 16 hours a day - although my characters are currently quite far behind in gear
I’m willing to play a variety of classes/roles - whatever you need I’m probably happy to play it. In terms of what I’m comfortable playing, it goes in order from Healing > MDPS > RDPS > Tank.
My raiding experience is thin on the ground in recent expansions - I mainly raided earlier expansions where the content was alot easier. I currently am the GM / co-raid leader of the #1 guild on our TBC server - while this doesn’t mean much in relation to retail I’d like to think it shows my commitment to my team.
I have a flexible schedule and the only days I can’t make are thurs/sun.
I don’t mind being second choice/being benched/only taken on alt runs etc while I learn the game properly
I don’t mind how progressed the guild already is - I’m looking for a place to progress through content of all difficulty together as a team and build friendships

If I sound like the type of player you’d like in your team, you can contact me through the following:

Discord - Corealis#4008
Bnet - Debt#21551
In game (Terenas) - Pammy/Enjoy/Liltree (I guess only use these as a last resort - much better to get hold of me on discord)

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