[A] Looking for Raiding Guild


Hello! (Prefer Ravencrest but not essential)


I had to quit WoW raiding due to working shifts which meant that I couldn’t commit to a schedule and as such, it wasn’t too fun.

However! This has changed and I’m happy to say that from the end of May, I will be working a typical 9-5 and for this reason, I am looking for a reasonably relaxed (but competent) raiding guild that can help me catch up and then join their raiding team.

About Me
Warlock level 120 (Affli/Destro)
Druid Level 120 (Resto)
All other classes 110 or thereabouts but happy to level if desired.

Both my druid and my warlock were 120 within 48 hours of the expansion launching and I completed normal Uldir using them, after this, I stopped playing due to the aforementioned job. This means that I will need help gearing & catching up to the current content.

What will you get for your investment?

  • Dedicated & punctual raider who has enchants/flasks/food for each raid and maintains at least a 90% attendance rate

  • Years of previous experience leading a raiding guild and dealing with mechanics at all levels

  • Active member of your community (if applicable, happy to raidlog if that’s how it is)

  • Reasonable performance! I’ve not played since xpac launch and I need to relearn my class but when I do, you’ll be getting some decent stats.

  • Full availability via Discord/other VOIP

What I am looking for

  • Raids that happen! One cancelled raid is fine, if this is a regular thing, it’s not going to work

  • Semi-Mature Atmosphere - I’m down for a fun environment but not if it hinders progression

  • No Bench! Unless it’s a mythic trial, players shouldn’t be excluded from the easier difficulties imo

  • Assistance gearing up - Even if this is some mythic dungeons or dragging me through Normal as an anchor

Previous Raid Experience

  • AOTC Argus, Kil’Jaeden, Xavius
    Mythic - Nythendra, Ursoc & Elerethe


  • AOTC Imperator, Blackhand, Archimonde
  • Cutting Edge - Archimonde


  • AOTC Garrosh
    Normal everything else… I think.

The rest is history!

To Conclude

Cheers for sticking with me! If I sound like a good fit for your guild, send me a message via Battlenet (Significance#2705) or Discord (Significance#1989).


Hey there

If you are willing to change server, we migth be something for you.
We are a mature raiding guild looking for raiders

To give you some quick background: Prelude-Dragonblight was formed on July 1st 2010 and has been raiding since. It is formed by mature (well mostly anyway) individuals with the majority of us being original vanilla raiders who want to experience the raiding content in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Our goal is to balance good progress while having a laugh with friends. As a result we expect people to come prepared to raids, ready to give their best game but who do not take themselves too seriously. The guild also has a strong social aspect with “Fun Runs” organised during the week and various mythic plus runs.

The raid times are 20:00-22:30(ish) server time (invites start at 20:00, first pull at 20:15) on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Currently we are lowering the raid nights to 2 for summer: Monday and Thursday.

Our aim is to clear Heroic content and we have always managed to get the “Ahead of the Curve” achievements so far. We are on 6/9 hc BoD and 2/2 normal CoS so far.

If it sounds interesting add Misstaken ( Thea#21766) for a chat

(Feidreva) #3

Hello Alarie,

The Burning Hammer on Argent dawn alliance side is recruiting:

The Burning Hammer

The Burning Hammer is a guild with a core of veteran players, most of us playing since the start of Vanilla. While our original guild was based on Bladefist and Outland, we’ve since transfered to Argent Dawn EU where we started this guild.

We’ve raided in the past in Vanilla, TBC and WotLK, where we were a competitive guild in terms of realm-rankings. With Legion we started raiding again, and cleared all the content on heroic difficulty. So far we have been moving up the rankings every tier, and we keep aiming to improve.

What can we offer?

( note: we are a Heroic-only guild, we have no desire to raid Mythic )
Our raiding style is fairly casual: no fight goes perfectly from the start and we dont mind spending some time on a boss if that’s what it takes. We do try to use our limited raiding time well whenever new content is available.

We do normal raids, heroic raids and mythic+, and there are always people up for doing any of those.

Your profile?

We dont expect you to be a hardcore player, but you should have the basics such as having your gear enchanted and gemmed, be willing to learn, and bring buff-food, damage pots and flasks for heroic raids. If we’re still learning we wont ask you to use them, but if we get close to a kill we might ask that you put in that little bit of extra effort.

For communication we use Discord, and we’d prefer it if you have a working microphone for easier feedback during raid encounters.

Raiding Times

Thursday 19:30 - 22:30 PM server time
Sunday 19:30 - 22:30 PM server time

During periods of farm, these times are usually far shorter (and usually just one day).

Progression in Battle for Azeroth:

2/2 Heroic Crucible of Storms
9/9 Heroic Battle for Dazal’alor (1/9M)
8/8 Heroic Uldir

Progression in Legion:

11/11 Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne
9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras
10/10 Heroic Nighthold
3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor
7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare

If you’re interested in joining and would like to have a chat, contact one of our officers on the following battle.net ids:


|deathknight (tank)|high|
|druid (balance)|high|
|monk (dd)|low|
|monk (tank)|high|
|paladin (protection)|high|
|priest (dd)|high|
|shaman (elemental)|high|
|warrior (protection)|high|


Raiders of Rohan (Bladefist/Frostwhisper/Zenedar) is a social raiding guild committed to relaxed progression and a friendly, yet focused atmosphere. We know that everyone has responsibilities outside the game, such as jobs, school, children etc. =) As such, we understand that people may sometimes miss raids due to prior engagements or emergencies. All we ask is that, when you are in the raid, that you’re focused on the raid. We expect our raiders and trialists to be fully gemmed and enchanted as well as supply their own potions. Flasks and food are provided by the guild.

Current Progress: BoD 7/9HC, CoS 1/2HC

Raid days:
Wednesdays 8PM-11PM (server time)
Sundays 8PM-11PM (server time)
Invites go out 10 minutes prior to start time.

We are recruiting all classes, but are currently especially interested in Shadow Priests, Shaman and any tank besides Blood DK. Trials last 2-4 weeks.

As this is a social Guild, there’s always something going on during the offdays! We run multiple Mythic+ runs per week and our Discord is always active. We also organize special Guild events sometimes, like achievement runs, transmog competitions and more! =)

If you have any questions, or you would like to join RoR, please contact either: Awriel (Amanda#2105), Dispare (GillRLister#2659) or Kawari (Jem#2368)


** SOLAR NOCTIS ** is a social/casual guild searching for mature ppl to join us :slight_smile: If u are into lvling, raiding, myth+, achivements or just wanna be social we have a spot for u :slight_smile: Come join us and have fun with the game <3 if u want info/join plz add me lossee#2651


I was reluctant to reply here but I wouldn’t mind having a chat with you.
We seem to be an exact fit to your requirement except for two things.

  • Swapping people in and out (semi-benching) depending on the boss in a Mythic raiding guild is something that is literally required to keep progression and the guild healthy.

  • Since we do not run HC BoD anymore we can’t offer to gear you up.

We trial people inside Mythic BoD (usually on the first 3 bosses), where we also gear them mainly for azerite pieces. The only requirement being around 400 in ilvl and having a decently leveled neck.

Currently we are progressing on Mythic Mekkatorque on which we’ve had one evening that went pretty nice. Since then we’ve taken screenshots and will adapt our tactics accordingly Sunday.

If you are interested in meeting us add Saeled#2123 or whisper Saeled ingame.


Hey Alarie,

I have sent you a request via BattleTag (Krathe#2321)

You can view our full recruitment post bellow.

I look forward to speaking with you.


Thanks for all of the replies so far :slight_smile: I’ll be in touch with some of you later tonight or tomorrow!