[A] Looking for Semi-Hardcore Guild as Social Raider

Hi all,

Currently looking for an active guild with lots of players for myself and my friend. I have a Blood/Frost Death Knight as well as a Resto/Enhance Shaman and they plays an Arcane Mage, for the most part, all three characters are Phase 1 BIS minus the Shaman’s Enhance OS.

I am not looking to be in your core raid team as unfortunately our jobs make it very hard to commit to a dedicated schedule nor am I trying to get free carries on your alt runs, but we are both solid players that could fill in certain roles for pop-up raids/etc. type of thing, hence why a large active guild is what is ideal. I have a decent amount of raid leading experience myself, and can host some as well to help out the guild. (Maybe not Ulduar-25 quite yet, but easily Ulduar-10 and below).

So, if you are looking for some socials that can actually raid at times, let me know! Beats trying to PUG Ulduar every week, because it looks like the difficulty jump from Phase 1 is bringing out people’s true colors already.

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