[A] Looking for the Mage and Hunter I was playing with yesterday :)

(Targo) #1


Last night I had some really good experience playing in a team with a Hunter and a Mage I met by chance in Westfall.

We had some good time killing defias bandits and later on sorting out the Harvesters problem together. And I’m not talking about killing but also about simple chat in party we were doing.

Unfortunately as I am still relearning social interactions in wow… I forgot to place you guys on my friends list!

I played my Paladin Targo (female Human). I know it’s a long shot… as there is flim chance you read the forums but if you do poke me up in game or here so we can party up again guys.

I remember the hunter name was Orio… something and the Mage was San… Something?

Stupid me I didn’t Friend You right away


Yes! Was able to change Forum Character finally.

So still looking for You guys!


Aw, I do hope you manage to track them down!

I think the realm forums are still unknown to a lot of players, considering the lack of activity here. Good luck finding your new friends :slight_smile: