[A] <Lunatic Pandora> (10/10 N, 9/10 HC) is recruiting DPS!

Hi there!

Lunatic Pandora is looking for DPS for our raid team (fabulous transmog optional!).

The guild was formed at the beginning of 2020 and while we didn’t start a ‘proper’ raid team until Shadowlands, we still managed to get 12/12 heroic (AotC) in Ny’alotha. We have a fairly small raid team right now, but we’d like to expand our numbers while still keeping a tight-knit group.


We welcome all classes but have a keen interest in recruiting more of the following (bonus points if you have an off-spec you know how to play!):

Death Knight (frost/unholy)
Monk (windwalker)
Shaman (elemental)
Hunter (any)
Warlock (any)
Mage (any)

Raid Schedule (2 days)

Thursday: 20:00 - 22:30 (Server time)
Monday: 20:00 - 22:30 (Server time)


Everyone has different reasons for playing WoW and our aim is to welcome all players to the guild, regardless of skill or experience. We offer a pressure-free environment to new and returning players alike. So whether you’re interested in raiding or prefer to stay at a social level and play several thousand alts, we think you’ll find a place with us!

We have an optional ‘social’ raid on Saturdays, where we run CN Normal for alts - or mains if they still need gear - and everyone is welcome to join, providing they have a decent item level. (It’s also a great chance to dip your toes into raiding if you can’t commit to our weekly schedule!)


If you want to chat about joining (or if you’re just after an invite), whisper Linden, Synsation, or Haldier in-game or hop onto our Discord server (discord.gg/3z9xmeg) and message an officer.

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Still looking for some fashionable dps for the raid team! :kissing_heart:

We’re still looking for more dps! We’d love to add a warlock to the team but are open to any dps classes. :slight_smile:

Lf some shady classes (rogues for examples) to join as well :smiley:

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Still looking for more damage dealers

Hi, I was wondering, do you guys do a lot of M+ as well?


It depends what you mean by ‘a lot’. :smiley: Many of our members run multiple M+ per week while some are just in it for the Vault loot haha. We’re a fairly small guild so we don’t have loads of groups running every evening or anything like that, but there are usually people around happy to jump in most nights!

Still a few deeps needed for our final stretch.

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