[A] <Lunatic Pandora> is recruiting for Shadowlands!

Lunatic Pandora is a new(ish) social guild, looking for friendly and mature players. Our aim is to build a community that is welcoming to both new and experienced players alike.

We strongly believe that it’s the social aspect that makes any guild thrive. While we will be aiming for casual raiding in the future (see below), the emphasis is absolutely on making new members feel valued. As such, we’re trying to keep the guild relatively small while welcoming players of ALL levels, regardless of skill or experience within the game.

We all pay a sub to play WoW so it should be up to you how you want to spend your time. So whether you enjoy leveling 67,000 alts, running Mythic+, or farming mounts and transmogs, we want to build a friendly and supportive guild to hang out in.

We’ll be raiding two days a week (Thursday/Munday) in Shadowlands with the aim of clearing heroic content in a timely manner.

As well as main raids, we will also run social/alt raids every Saturday which everyone in the guild is welcome to join, providing they have a high enough item level and a reasonable grasp of the class they’re playing.

Raid schedule:
Thursday - 8pm - 10:30pm (server time)
Monday - 8pm - 10:30pm (server time)

We’re keen to encourage players to jump into Mythic+ content, even if you don’t have any experience due to a long break or other circumstances. We’re not aiming for super-high keys but we’d like to reach a point where guildies won’t have to pug for their weekly chest and can have fun in the pressure-free environment of a guild group while doing so.

While we welcome all classes we have a specific interest in the following*:

Death Knight (DPS)
Monk (DPS)
Shaman (DPS)
Druid (DPS)

*Bonus points if you have a tank or healer off-spec you know how to play.

If you want to chat about joining (or if you’re just after an invite), whisper Linden, Synsation, or Haldier in-game or hop onto our Discord server (discord.gg/3z9xmeg) and message an officer.

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These people are absolutely amazing! Join them and you won’t regret it :slight_smile:

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