[A] <Lunatic Pandora> recruiting friendly, social players of all levels

Lunatic Pandora is a newly formed social guild, looking to build a friendly and helpful community that is welcoming to both new and experienced players.

The aim of Lunatic Pandora

We strongly believe that it’s the social aspect that makes any guild thrive. While we will be aiming for casual raiding in the future (see below), the emphasis is absolutely on making new members feel welcome. As such, we welcome players of ALL levels, regardless of skill or experience within the game.

We all pay a sub to play WoW so it should be up to you how you want to spend your time. So whether you enjoy leveling 67,000 alts, running Mythic+, or farming mounts and transmogs, we want to build a friendly and supportive guild to hang out in.

Once we’ve established a good core of players, the aim is to build a raid team with a schedule of no more than two days a week. It’s doubtful this will happen during the Ny’alotha raid - unless we have a content drought of WoD proportions! - but we should certainly be ready to start raiding in Shadowlands.

Right now we’re recruiting all classes and all levels. Even if you have no interest in raiding with us in the future, we’d like to welcome you along to enjoy the game with us. :slight_smile:

If you want to chat about joining (or if you’re just after an invite), whisper Linden or Nynaevé in-game or hop onto our Discord server (discord.gg/3z9xmeg) and message an officer if that’s easier.

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