[A] Maelstrom looking for Heroic Raiders

Maelstrom is a semi-casual heroic raiding guild who raid twice a week for three hours, on Wednesdays and Sundays at 8:00pm Server Time.

We’re currently missing a few people due to the long gap between 9.0 and 9.1 and could use more good players to bolster our roster. Particularly we are looking for tanks and healers, but anyone interested will be considered.

We cleared Castle Nathria and every raid in BfA with Ahead of the Curve and are planning on doing that again in 9.1. We may dabble with the first couple of Mythic bosses given enough people on an evening, but it’s not a priority and we generally do not intend to seriously clear Mythic.

We raid to have a good time and don’t take things to an extreme, but we do expect a reasonable level of commitment & performance from our core raiders (bring consumables!). That being said, we understand that real life comes first, and are flexible if something gets in the way of your raiding occasionally.

We’re open to applications from any interested raiders. We’re also always open to social players who just want to do dungeons, level alts, and/or be part of an active guild.

Unfortunately for you Young Teens out there, we limit general recruitment to adults (18+), in large part due to raiding attendance concerns. The rare exceptions to this rule are in the case of adult guild members who have an under-18 family member that they’d like to have in the guild as a social.

To get in contact message Zurvan on Discord (which we use for raid/dungeon voice chat and as our main hub), via the Discord username Jacquerel#9538. Alternatively, whisper Zurvan on Frostmane, also available as Jacquerel#2478 on Battlenet.

We generally ask new applications to fill out a (short!) application, mostly just to make sure that everyone has the same expectations of each other.

It seems like my character to display was set to my unlevelled goblin alt for some reason, oops :slight_smile:
Let me reassure everyone that we are in fact an Alliance guild.

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