[A] Mage lf 2's / 3's partners


Im currently playing arcane and have got geared currently 201 im 1k in 2’s and 0cr in 3’s and RBG’s

Looking for some people to push the Rating and more importantly have fun

Bit back ground - ive had several toons @ 1.6k in BFA/Legion but always lost interest in pvp and went back to pve - this time I’m being the complete opposite, just looking for some on who’s in a similar position as myself or even some one with exp that has an alt character they need to get some rating on. Hopefully get 1.6-1.8k thats what I’m aiming for and think I can realistically achieve

If interested post here of DM me Brucey#2184

(Yes i know fire is apparently the only spec to be but I still really enjoy arcane)

Hey boomy 1400cr in 2s and 3s 1600 in rbg would be happy to play with you and puch add me if you want to play happy to be on discord as well mattberry#2469

I’m ally sadly unless you play both