A mage looking for a fitting PvE guild


I’m looking for a guild for my classic main, which is lv38 mage atm.

The things that are important to me in a guild:

  1. I prefer a smaller guild over the +500 people ones.
  2. I’m aiming for PvE (instances mainly, group quests etc), maybe with a possible little RP on the side. I’m not for PvP.
  3. And a little pet peeves of mine: I really like guilds with immersive names. Personally, I’m not fond of lolz names to appear under my character’s name.


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Hi Corlidia,

Not sure if you think our guild name (Causal Adventures) is immersive or not, but in any case this is what we are about (link to forum post): A guild for Casual Adventures

We seem to have a similar mindset! Hook me up in game if you’d like to discuss.

PvE focus with a wee sideorder of RP?? Sounds like SeaWolf material to me!

Look for “The SeaWolf Crew” ingame to know more.


Hi Corlidia, If you haven’t yet found a guild home, then perhaps “Storm Riders” may be to your liking. We’re a new but old social/casual RP/PvE guild (originally from Ravenholdt). New RPers are welcome. If you’d like to know more send me in-game mail or /w me (I’m on most nights).