A guild for <Casual Adventures>

Hello everyone, I hope you’re enjoying your adventures in Classic.

I would just like to tell you about our guild, and to say that the doors are open to our little community of adventurers.

We are a small guild, founded by some friends from Argent Dawn that roleplayed and raided waaaay back in the good old days. Since we formed the guild a couple of weeks ago we’ve found new friends that have decided to join us, and our ranks are growing (quite carefully). We’re not looking for rapid expansion, but we’re happy to welcome new friends that share our ideas of a good community.

Right now, many of us are focusing on leveling and dungeonering. We’re chit-chatting in /g and helping each other out. We have members that span from the low “teens” to a few level 60 characters.

We want our guild to have a good reputation on the server - it’s important to have friends in Azeroth. Therefore we strongly encourage friendly behavior towards other players and not only those in our own guild. We respect that we are on a roleplaying server; many of us enjoy roleplaying a lot, and we do not break immersion for those around us (meaning that we consider naming policies, and do not use /s or /y for OOC chatting).

What we are aiming for with Casual Adventures:

  • Relaxed, welcoming and friendly environment
  • Focus on adventuring
  • RP-friendly attitude

What we are not:

  • Aiming for rapid expansion, growing the guild for the sake of numbers
  • Competitive, aiming for “server-firsts” or pressuring members to reach level 60 or play “the perfect spec”

Does the above sound good to you? Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact me in-game, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. If I’m not online, you can also reach out to our quest giver Carale. We’re both usually online in the evenings.


Casual Adventures has been added to the Guild Index!

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This guild has been such a breath of fresh air for me. When I came back to WoW for Classic I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or how much time I’d have to play. Frankly, I still have no idea on either of those things.

But it’s so nice to have a group of people that genuinely seem happy to see me when I log in and care about how I’m doing inside and outside of the game. It’s been great to watch our more advanced members dinging 60 over the last couple of weeks, even if I’m lagging behind by over 30 levels!

So yes, come check us out if you’re interested.

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This sounds like exactly my cup of Dalaran Red - I’ll make sure to give you a wave in-game when I discover which of my characters I’m likely to invest the most time in.

Can someone also please let me know how to get past level 25 without feeling the desire to start a new character? Thanks.


Sure, as soon as I work that one out I’ll be sure to pass the secret on!

Great to hear that you’re thinking about joining us! Don’t worry too much about deciding on a character before you do - a few people play across different alts so there’d be no issue if you wanted to change things up a bit.

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Depending on what your problem with getting past lvl 25 is you could either try questing in the other zones for your level range too, focus on the goal of lvl 30 where most classes get a heap of new stuff, try another spec (for mage leveling I really recommend frost, all you need are frostbolt and blizzard, don’t use arcane missiles), try to wand instead of casting (if one of the respective classes), do a few dungeons finally, rp a bit to overcome the leveling frustration, or, well, level an alt in the meantime and see which class you like best.

Good luck!

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You, my friend, are an altoholic. I recommend our regular support group, altoholics anonymous. It’s mostly anonymous, because we all create so many different characters that it’s hard to keep track of who’s who.

Somewhat more seriously, this is mostly a thing you gotta push through. Pick a character you enjoy playing and tell yourself “right, I’m gonna level this one to 60”. And then… just do it. Joining a guild helps, since then you have that additional commitment that nudges you to keep playing the one character.

You’ll likely always feel that urge to play a new char (I know I certainly do get those urges), but you just have to ignore that for a bit. Keep in mind that, once you hit 60, nothing is stopping you from creating new characters. So just tell yourself “right, 60 first, then I’ll play class X”.

In that case it really helps to determine what class you want to rp as, if you do rp, and pick that class even if you don’t know whether it’s your favourite class mechanics-wise. And if you’re not an rper I guess it helps to determine what class/role you’d want to raid as. Healer? Tank? Dotter? AoE specialist? Kiter?..

Hello everyone - time for an update!

We’ve been growing steadily for the last three weeks, and become a quite active little guild, having a lot of fun together in clearing dungeons of all levels. More and more of us are reaching level 60, and have been having a blast in Scholomance, Blackrock Spire, Stratholme and Dire Maul. We also have active adventurers in the full level range, and not only in the end game.

We feel that we have created a friendly, warm and welcoming community. We’re enough members to be able to do guild runs, but still small enough that you recognize everyone in the guild chat - this is important to us. That said, we also feel that can welcome more friends into our ranks.

Our community is our focus and our strength, and also the basis upon how we look for new members. We do not judge you on level, gear or skill. If you have a helpful and friendly attitude, you are welcome to reach out to us.

Sounds interesting? Poke me or the guild gnome Carale in game, and let’s have a chat!

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Casual Adventures has been disbanded due to inactivity, I would like to thank everyone who spent time with us, and I hope to continue adventuring around in Azeroth with many more of you in the future!