[A]Mature semi-casual 10 year old raiding guild 4/9H


We are Warriors of Wrath, a 10 year old semi casual raiding guild on Ravencrest!
Current progress is 9/9N 4/9H

Every tier we clear heroic and we try also some Mythic bosses.
We also run keystones, achievements and daily activities together.

Returning players and new players are welcome, also ex hardcore raiders who dont have time for hardcore raiding anymore.

We are looking for ppl who respect real life issues, their guildm8s and the community. No drama/toxicity/trolling. We want to have a nice atmosphere at our raids, relaxed but still make decent progress and have fun.

Mainly we are looking for dps rogue,warrior,boomie, ele but we are recruiting people and not gear or the class, so everyone is welcome to join our ranks.

Discord for voice
Raiding days are Wed- Thurs- Sun-Mon 20.30-23.30

Attendance is up to you and your real life obligations.

If you are intersted add me for a chat fourfouri#2785

Thanks and have fun!

2 Boring Old Lumps Looking For a Home

Hi, Im a returning player still looking for a new guild to call home. I’m a WW Monk (though I dont mind playing MW and off heal once in a while) that is still catching up in gear but Im 380 at the moment.

I’m looking for a guild to raid with and run M+. While I dont have too much experience with Wow, I have cleared the entire savage tier on FFXIV (equivalent to Mythic) and I’m purple/orange logs there. I run my static so Im used to being responsible, maintain high attendance, call out mechanics, manage gear distribution, etc. I’ve only completed the current wow raid in normal and Im looking for a chill mature group, with good prog but without feeling Im in the army.

I would not be able to attend Sundays most likely but other days seem good, and the general tone of the group seems what Im looking for. Let me know if you think you would consider me. While I’m a work discord is the easiest way to contact me (Bris#3978) but I’ll be on Bnet later.


We are 6/9H and 1/9M now and we are still looking for rogue,dk,ele dps.
But everyone is welcoem to join our ranks!

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