[A] Mechanics - 1 day/week Heroic Raiding Community

Now recruiting for Sanctum of Domination!


"Mechanics" is a 1 raid/week raiding community recruiting for the Shadowlands. Several members have Mythic Raiding experience, including Cutting Edge.

The community has two main goals, both expressed in the form of in-game achievements. The first is to obtain Ahead of the Curve every tier. The second is to obtain the meta achievement, Glory of the <current tier> Raider. Both are expected to be achieved no less than halfway through the tier.

These goals have been achieved for all of the below raid tiers:

  • BFA
    • Uldir
    • Battle for Dazar’alor
    • Crucible of Storms
    • The Eternal Palace
    • Ny’alotha
  • Shadowlands:
    • Castle Nathria

We will not be doing any Mythic Raiding.

We raid only once a week, on Wednesdays from 20-23 server time.

Because we only raid once a week, we expect your attendance to be high, and your preparation to be thorough. Ofcourse real life emergencies happen, and we’re understanding of that.

Our current needs are:

  • :shield: Tanks: Full
  • :rescue_worker_helmet: Healers: Paladin
  • :crossed_swords: DPS: Ranged

If your role/class isn’t listed above, feel free to reach out anyway.

We use Discord to communicate and listening in is mandatory. Apart from being able to listen to raid calls, we also have a Healing and DPS lead who assigns use of defensive and offensive cooldowns. However, if you wish to not speak, that’s completely fine.

In order to facilitate coordination we have three add-ons which are mandatory, WeakAuras and Exorsus Raid Tools. You then have a choice between BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods (DBM).

Finally, killing bosses revolves primarily around doing mechanics correctly and secondarily around putting out high numbers. Putting out lower numbers and doing mechanics correctly is much better than putting out higher numbers and messing up mechanics. Once you know the mechanics of the encounter, your numbers are expected to go up.

If you’re interested, please visit our website.


Aw man it sounded so good until the “raiding on Wednesdays” part :frowning:

Aww, In sorry if that’s a day that doesn’t fit! We are especially looking for DPS as well. I hope you find another fit!

Bump for a great community!

We’ve gotten a pretty good roster put together so far! Would love for some more DPS to join though. Particularly interested in Mages, Warriors and Death Knights since we don’t have any of either, but also looking for some DPS that can OffHeal in form of Shamans, Druids, Monks or Paladins.

We’ve already started raiding to shake the community together, so we’re not actually just doing nothing until 8.3 :blush:

bump for edit.

Still would like some extra DPS for the roster!

:sob: Shaaame, that would be so perfect for me, once a week, Wednesday :frowning:

We actually just had a healer spot open up! Are you still interested?

Of course! Tried to add you but something seems not working.

Awesome :exclamation: Friendly and welcoming :handshake: community which i can wholeheartedly recommend ! :zero: stress :100: % fun!

Currently we have an open spot for a healer :ambulance: !
Preferably shaman :ocean: , monk :chopsticks: , or a paladin :flashlight: !

(edit :octopus:N’zoth is :dagger: dead! :skull: )

And thus we did found a healer ! But fret not, nothing lost yet! We do have place for few more DPS! Preferably a warrior :crossed_swords: , rogue :dagger: , or a paladin! :flashlight: :hocho: !

Hello! We recently lost one of our tanks and we could still use more DPS! We got up to 8/12 Heroic yesterday and Vex will fall next reset for sure :slight_smile:

Hi, do you still have an open spot for a Warrior?

I’ve not long been back and would love to join your community. Currently sitting at 499ilvl - Fury/Protection

Would be happy to run a trial if needed.

@Aedan, feel free to add me on Battlenet or Discord for a talk.

We are still looking for more DPS :crossed_swords:! We’ve sorted our Tank situation, so just need a couple more people to pew pew :slight_smile: Especially Warlocks, but any class/spec should apply.

Bumpity Bump Bump Bump! Still looking for a few dps to fill out the roster for Shadowlands!

Bump! We’ve cleared Nathria and are on farm, so now is the time to join!

We need fresh blood!

Yup, still looking for more DPS!

sent out an application. fury main, prot/m+/offtank .
cheers :slight_smile: