[A] Mentally Grizzled is recruiting!

Who are we?
Mentally Grizzled is a formerly Horde social guild(Hydra). We pride ourselves in our no-drama and zero-toxicity approach. We’re new player friendly and all-inclusive. Everyone is treated as equal as possible! Our rule of thumb is to avoid the raid-night mentality.

What do we do?

We are raiding (7/11 at the time of writing) and we actively pursue M+. But first and foremost we are a social guild. Being active and social rewards you with perks. Everyone is welcome to participate in any of our events, regardless of status. We are a community.

What defines you as a social guild?

Great question! We value fun. We value the fact that some of you have limited time. We enjoy the time that we spend in the game and we enjoy improving. We are far from being your average “hardcore guilds”. We’re not a raiding guild, nor a pvp guild. Not a leveling guild either(what even is that?). So we’re a social guild.

Oh, we also hold monthly social events for everyone to enjoy!

How do I join?

Simple. If you have any questions or simply wish to join us, you can…

-You can poke me on Battle net : Khilliän#2341

-or poke me on Discord : Khillian#8958

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