A merge or someway to boost the server pop?

This realm is barren. The last time the population tracker was above “low” was the launch of wod and it really shows. While the layering/sharding fixes this in the max level areas to some extent, the lower levels feel like a single player game. I challenge anyone to hop onto Argent Dawn and /who 1-59. Consistentally there’ll be 50+ people there. Do the same here and you’ll be lucky if it is greater than 10. Try to put out the fires when the Horseman comes for Hallows End and find that no one else is there; warmode or no warmode. Do the eggs for Noblegarden, you can collect all the purchaseables in a day should you put your mind to it. Theres only going to be one or two people to compete with at most. I love this server and have played on it since joining this game and so it’s a shame to see it dead. I get it’s easy to farm rares but what’s the challenge of getting Poseidus and others if no one is competing with you. I personally would be happy with a merge with any server at this point but if anyone has any better suggestions leave a comment below and let’s hope Blizzard sees this. That is, if anyone still checks the forum for this dead realm.

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