[A] <Midgard> is looking for players

Hello friends, I am Rhoodin the guild leader for the guild Midgard!

We are a small social guild that is rebuilding and looking for new or old players to join our ranks. We offer a relaxing enviroment with lot’s of warlocks offering dubious cookies.

We do not have a lot to offer regarding mythic raids or higher keystone dungeons but we do weekly runs to gear our members up a bit .

If this has made you curious and you want to see if this guild is a right fit for you you can message me or one of the officers of the guild:
Rhoodin (Monkeymugger#2137)
Delvanna (Delvanna#1179)
Demonigan (ScrapAttack#21838)

You can also find us in the guildfinder

Hope to see you soon and have a nice day!

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