[A] <Minerva> Friendly Heroic Raiding Guild is Recruiting for Season 4 and onwards Dragonflight

Minerva is a friendly, relaxed yet competitive Heroic raiding guild. Created back in WotLK by a close group of friends, it has grown into the community we are today.
We like to see our guild as a safe haven to relax with our friends away from the drama of the real world.

We raid twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday from 8pm ST till 11pm ST.
Every raid tier we accomplish Heroic Ahead of the Curve. We are also very active doing M+ every week.

Are you new to the game and like to give raiding a go? Or are you an experienced raider but looking to take a more fun approach to raiding? Then we might be exactly what you have been looking for!

We are looking for all talented raiders, but especially:

Some extra DPS (especially ranged)

If you are interested or wish some more information, feel free the respond below or add me on battlenet. Vysto#2789

Zeldina, Moonsteel, Rawk, Monkuno, Shinji, Cuppolo or Eÿeros

Cya in Azeroth!

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