[A] [Mirage-Raceway] <Mystical Odour> Recruiting for our raid team!

hy hello there!

Like many other guilds, Mystical Odour is now recruiting for a few classes. But unlike those other guilds, this actually matters.
Why is that?

Simple - you want to join us, not them.

Mystical Odour has been around since Vanilla.
Of course, we have cleared all content and are preparing to push into AQ.
We’re mostly a social and easy-going bunch, but twice a week we abandon our friends and families, put on our headsets and delve into the deepest, darkest dungeons to wrest all those shinies from elementals and dragons alike.
We really like those shinies, but what we like even more is the sense of achievement from putting down a new boss.

And we have a feeling that we want you to… That is, if you are a:

Holy Paladin.
Holy Priest.
Shadow Priest.

We are also open to socials.

We are currently raiding twice a week, Monday and Thursday from 19:30 to 23:00. Atm we clear BWL+MC on thursday and Ony+ZG on monday.
Of course we expect you to be prepared with knowledge and a reasonable amount of buffs, pots and enchants.

If the above sounds interesting please contact myself, Snedrive, Erasmus, Fannimallet, Janai or Blightbee ingame for a chat or find us on discord. gg /U5qVPf8

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