[A] Mistweaver LF guild with M+ focus

Hi guys!

I’m looking for an active guild to hang with people on discord and play m+ and clear heroic on the side. I main mistweaver because its fun but maintain both offspeccs to a reasonable level. However I’m unfortunately not 21 anymore so cant commit to multiple raid days a week and want to focus on KSM and beyond this season, so my priority is having some likeminded people around who know their game but dont need to be all elitist about it :slight_smile: if you relate, please send me a message!

I’ve been playing wow since TBC (with breaks) and have done basically everything over the years, including Hardcore Raiding (peak worldrank#8 during WotLK) in Hero in RBG during Cataclysm, Arena Master and 2,5k Arenaraiting, and more recently Cutting Edge in BFA and KSM in Shadowlands season1.

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