(A) MYTHIC PLURZZ - M+ guild recruiting

MYTHIC PLURZZ is a guild exclusively focused on Mythic plus dungeons.

Formed during BFA by three RL friends, we wanted to create a mature environment for relatively skilled & experienced players who want to push high level keys and experience challenging end game content, without the pressures and expectations that raiding brings.

What do we mean by “mature”?

Quite simply we all have real lives, jobs, families and other commitments outside of the game. There is no pressure or expectation as to when and how long you are online for here, its just a game after all! To add to that we do not want cry babies, attention seekers or toxic players.

What do we mean by skilled & experienced?

Generally, we have all been playing the game, sometimes on and off, for a long time. Over that time we have learnt a lot about the game and how to maximize our performance, whether that be as a Tank, Healer or DPS player. We are by no means hardcore, but we play to win and take the game seriously when it matters.
Just as we do ourselves, we expect players to know what they’re doing and perform. With that said, we are not elitists, we simply want to do well and have a good time. We do welcome players who are willing to learn and who want to perform as best as they can or even social players.

Do we have a schedule?

No. We are online as and when we can/when we want to be, but when we are online, we are always organising keys and using discord.

Who are we looking for?

As mentioned previously, we want mature, experienced and skilled players who know how to have a laugh and push themselves in the m+ environment. Social players are also welcome and are always free to jump in on lower keys/alt runs.

What you can expect here

Are you going to be constantly running keys within a guild group? Are you going to get special treatment or prioritisation over other players? No.
We do have active members who often run high keys together as a team but that is far from guaranteed. We are always running keys, whether that be on alts, for weeklies, for fun etc and pretty much operate on a first come basis, providing you are capable of the key we are running at that given time. No drama, we want to enjoy the game, we don’t put up with gossiping, trouble makers or anything alike and those people are quickly weeded out. Ultimately we like to have a laugh, push high keys and create meaningful friendships instead of simply sometimes playing with people you barely know.


  • Mythic Plus dungeons only
  • Skilled & experienced players
  • Discord used
  • No pressure
  • Mature
  • Have a good time

If this sounds like what you’re looking for or perhaps you want to have a chat and ask some questions, please add me on Battlenet @ Hutchy#2448 :slight_smile:

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