{A} < NemesÎs > 3/9M Recruiting Open...Social/Friends Welcome

**[A]< NemesÎs > is an old guild started in TBC. (HC and Mythic Raiding for DF) Our focus for Dragonflight is casual 2 day raiding with efficient clearing for AotC each tier. Once HC is cleared we will look to Mythic for as many bosses we can do. Currently recruiting all to establish a solid HC and Mythic roster for Dragonflight.

Goal: Maintain a fun, engaging, and slightly competitive atmosphere while pushing content. Backed by leadership with an extensive history of mythic raiding, including several CE clears, Heroic progression will be our focus, with some Mythic bosses. We also have players pushing keys for those interested in M+
We are looking to establish not only an HC/Mythic raid team but a community so while progression will be our focus… casual players, groups of friends, and returning players are always welcome.

Raid days/times:

  • Wednesday & Sunday 20:00- 23:00 server time

Recruitment Needs: For 10.2 Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope

  • Tanks: Closed
  • Melee: Open [EnSham/Monk/DK/Rog]
  • Ranged: Open [SP/DEvoker/Mage/Boom/Lock]
  • Healers: Open [Disc/Monk/Sham]

We are considering all roles/classes at this time, if your class is not listed above we encourage you to still reach out as our philosophy here is to “bring the player, not the class” and as such we are always on the lookout for exceptional players to add to our team. Feel free to leave a post here or in-game or if you would just like to apply via in-game guild finder that is perfectly fine. NemesÎs is the name with an accented ‘i’.
For more information regarding our guild, please contact one of the following:
Trystarr [Battle.net: Trystar#1185]

Several dps spots still available

Couple spots left in main group


Spots for Mythic and HC farm

Spot for mage/war/enh for Mythic

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