A New Class Means a New Class Color!

i thought it was gonna be gold color ; (because of titan spell effect thingy?) im a bit surprised tbh.

Why is Paladin still pink? This has been up so many times over the years. We should have yellow which stands for light and Rogues should have grey.

The green for the Evoker looks good.

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In my opinion, I feel like a magenta color actually works pretty well for the Evoker. Something more red than Paladin but less purple than DH.

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Make sense

Looking back, I’d prefer Evoker being Purple and DH being this-color green.

But I was also expecting something more like pale red #ff5641. And I’d prefer that.

Can you compare it also colors of out-of-range classes?

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Awww… you made a rainbow.
Isn’t that nice

A grey would have been nice but then I suppose that doesn’t really show up well. It’s an actual shade of green I like though!

Nah bronze and green are better tbh blue too

Grey shows when players are disconnected iirc.

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